Hot Water Weed Control

We offer an established range of manual and machine mounted solutions for all budgets and operations

All of our hot water weed control systems deliver a 98°C low pressure treatment of hot water, with absolutely no chemical or foam additives, to kill weeds and their roots.

MINI Series 15/5

MINI Series 15/5

Efficient electrically powered compact unit can be moved by hand or on buggies, capable of achieving 12050m² weeding per day and 15 bar high pressure cleaning.
MIDI Series 22/8

MIDI Series 22/8

Popular system ensures extremely accurate and consistent temperature control at 98⁰C with productive daily weeding output at 2,500m² and high pressure cleaning.


The most effective weed control solution with fully integrated machine, water tank and trailer. Dual operation increases output, achieving up to 4000m2 per day.
MAXI Series 75/30

MAXI Series 75/30

Most productive manually operated machine, enables increased daily coverage of up to 5,500m² as well as 125 bar for cleaning and EURO6 standard emissions.

Weed control with hot water

Hot water weed control is scientifically proven to require fewer treatments and is significantly less £/m² in comparison to other alternatives available on the market.

Each of our hot water weed machine have a multi-purpose design enabling additional hot water applications including sustainable chewing gum and graffiti removal as well as high pressure cleaning and drain jetting to enable increased utilisation and added value.

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Additional Applications

Unlike other alternative methods of weed control on the market, the majority of our machines are primarily designed to kills weeds whilst enabling a range of additional hot water applications to maximise utilisation and return on investment.

  • High pressure cleaning
  • Sustainable chewing gum removal
  • Wheeled weed wand
  • Removes most graffiti
  • Water weed claw
  • Drain jetting
  • Water pumping
  • Hot water brushing
  • Chemical-free sanitising

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